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Magnetische encoders

Via ons partnerbedrijf RLS d.o.o. produceren wij een reeks robuuste magnetische roterende en lineaire bewegingssensoren om te voldoen aan de groeiende wereldwijde markteisen.

Robuuste encoders voor zware omstandigheden

Geschikt voor gebruik in toepassingen zoals:

  • industriële automatisering en montagesystemen
  • metaalbewerking
  • steen-snijden, zagen
  • textiel
  • kunststofverwerking,
  • houtbewerking
  • verpakking
  • elektronische chip-/ tablet productie

Klantgerichte oplossingen

Experience and knowledge combined with innovative ideas enable RLS to offer custom product solutions to match customer's needs and meet the increasing demand for reliable, low cost, rotary and linear encoding.


RLS is an associate company of Renishaw which holds a 50 % share in the ownership of RLS. Over more than 15 years, both companies have successfully worked together on research projects, joint market strategies and other initiatives aimed at providing customers with exceptional products and services. With a vast team of experienced sales engineers, Renishaw provides leading sales support for RLS products worldwide. 

Rugged performance encoders 

Over the last few decades RLS and Renishaw worked closely with companies from a broad range of industries. Experience and knowledge combined with innovative ideas enable RLS to offer custom product solutions for every application. From heavy machinery, advanced surgical and colaborative robots, aerospace and submarine applications to one of the largest solar power plants in the world, RLS encoders comply with even the toughest requirements. 

Kwaliteit en ondersteuning  

All RLS magnetic encoders have CE approval, RoHS compliance, and are manufactured by RLS d.o.o. under strict quality controls that are certified to ISO 9001:2008.