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High quality parts for a wide range of industries suitable for small batch production, without the associated long lead times and process overheads.

Renishaw uses its own vacuum casting technology to produce fully finished parts for other products in its portfolio, including Dynascan.

End use parts

Renishaw vacuum casting mimics the capabilities of injection moulding without the associated long lead times and tooling costs.

The technology can be used for small batches of high quality prototypes or low volume end use parts.

Renishaw vacuum casting systems are used in-house to produce the outer shell of Dynascan, a mobile 3D scanning device from Renishaw for the surveying of land, coastal and waterway areas.

Experts at Renishaw vacuum casting redesigned the part for Dynascan when other technologies did not meet the exact repeatable quality standards required to ensure correct fitting to vehicle fixture.

The outer shell of Dynascan is cast in Renishaw material 8051 which simulates ABS/Polypropylene for strength and high smoothness of finish.

  • Dynascan